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Celsus iVT

Celsus iVT

Available Now!

Comfort and Integrated K2 Vacuum

Vacuum systems can be a great benefit for K2 patients, allowing them the ability to reduce limb volume fluctuations and pistoning.[1,2,3] College Park's Integrated Vacuum Technology (iVT) is designed to pull up to 20 inHg in fewer steps, allowing patients to efficiently achieve optimal vacuum.* With enhanced suspension to the residual limb, this low-profile foot may improve comfort and overall limb health. The Celsus iVT also features Integrated Spring Technology (iST®) and Intelliweave® composites for energy, strength, and flexibility.

*Results may vary based on impact and activity. Maximum attainable vacuum ranges from 18-22 inHg.

Suggested L Codes : L5972, L5986, L5781

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Celsus iVT
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Specs & Downloads


Impact Level Impact Level Low
Mounting Mounting Endo (IP)
Weight Limit Weight Limit 220 lbs (21-24 cm)
300 lbs (25-30 cm)
Size Range Size Range 21-30 cm
Clearance Clearance 2.2-2.6" (5.6-6.6 cm)
Weight* Weight* 652 g
Foot Base Foot Base Intelliweave®
Water Capability Water Capability Weatherproof
Warranty Warranty 2 years


Cosmetic Options

Color Options
Shell Type:  Sandal Toe
Shell Width:  Standard
Includes:  Foot, foot shell, CPI sock, Selection of 1 Tube Kit (AK or BK)
  1. Beil, T. L.; Street, G. M.; Covey, S. J. Interface pressure during ambulation using suction and vacuum-assisted prosthetic sockets. J. Rehabil. Res. Dev. 39(6):693–700; 2002.
  2. Goswami, J.; Lynn, R.; Street, G.; Harlander, M. Walking in a vacuum-assisted socket shifts the stump fluid balance. Prosthet. Orthot. Int. 27(2):107–113; 2003.
  3. Board, W. J.; Street, G. M.; Caspers, C. A comparison of trans-tibial amputee suction and vacuum socket conditions. Prosthet. ORTHOT. INT. 25(3):202–209; 2001


Part Number Guide

Celsus iVT Part Number Guide

Celsus iVT Part Number Guide

Foot Shell Guide

Foot Shell Guide