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Torsion Adapter

Torsion Adapter
College Park’s new torsion adapters provide smooth rotation while reducing forces to a patient’s socket and residual limb. Made of titanium and stainless steel, this durable component is easily adjustable for prosthetists. It offers a maximum of 20° of internal and external rotation. Users can twist and turn with ease, improving comfort for walking or recreational activities like golf, skateboarding, and tennis.
Suggested L Codes : L5984
Specs & Downloads


Material Material Titanium - Titanium (receiver)
Aluminum (tube)
Weight Weight 393 g - 685 g
Weight Limit Weight Limit 300-330 lbs
Axial Rotation Axial Rotation +/- 20°
Build Height Build Height 43 mm (1.7") - 455 mm (18")
Warranty Warranty 2 years, limited