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College Park Campus

Advance Your Education

With the rapid evolution of technology, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest innovation. College Park Campus offers education, training, and certification opportunities for prosthetists, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the world of prosthetics.

Learn how to optimize outcomes with College Park’s products or earn ABC credits to maintain your board certification. These courses and resources will help you and your patients grow and find successful results. College Park Campus is designed to help you reach new career goals while providing the best possible solutions for patient care.

This is only the beginning! Our team of experts is continuously adding content and courses for your benefit. The College Park Campus library is routinely growing, so stay tuned for more!

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Take a look at what we have to offer! We look forward to your participation.

Learn, Grow, and Win in 2022

We invite you to try one new course every three months to be entered into our quarterly drawings. You could win gift cards, College Park swag, and more! Simply review the courses available, complete the program that most interests you, and we’ll handle the rest. The College Park education team will randomly select one winner at the end of each quarter and announce via email and social media. Many of these courses are included in larger CEU program offerings. Get started today!

General Class Offerings

Guardian, Victor and Capital Knee

This course features, functions adjustments and foot selection for both the Guardian Knee, Victor Knee, and Capital Knee. The first section focuses on the Guardian Knee’s manual lock, competitors and adjustments. The second section focuses on the appropriate patient, key features and adjustments specific to the Victor Knee. The final section introduces the new Capital Hydraulic Knee from College Park.

Capital Hydraulic Knee

This course provides an overview of the features and functions of the new Capital Hydraulic Knee from College Park. The main focus of the course is product functionality, including stance phase, swing phase, stumble recovery, and trigger point adjustment. This detailed course concludes with product specifications and billing codes..

M-Finger 2.0, Titan Flex, Pediatric, and Hold-It

This course reviews several products including the M-Finger 2.0, Titan products, pediatric options, and the Hold-It device. Following the overview, learn about each product’s functionality, main selling features, and detailed images.

CEU CUrriculum Offerings

Basic Lower Limb Solutions for K2 – NEW!

This course will cover anatomical and prosthetic terms. A review of gait and normal human locomotion as it relates to prosthetics will be presented. The functionality of materials proprietary to College Park product will be described. There is a discussion of the difference between Impact level and Activity level in K2 feet. A review of K2 foot products available from College Park with indications of clinical benefits and patient selection criteria for each product.

Advanced Lower Limb Solutions for K3 and Above – NEW!

This course will review sources and solutions for finding noises in prosthetic systems, gait-matching as it relates to choosing the correct firmness in a College Park foot, and impact vs activity level in K3 feet. In addition, we will present the clinical benefits of iST technology and how these feet differ from most in the industry. Features, functions, and selection criteria will be presented for most of the College Park K3 product line.

Do the Twist with College Park: Torsion Capabilities – NEW!

This detailed new course reviews the benefits of torsion capabilities–review torsional adapters' history and design as well as the clinical benefits. Learn to identify the anatomical motions at the ankle and to explain the socket pressures due to torsional activities. Gain a better understanding of College Park’s torsional design along with the purpose and design features of both Voyager and Orbit feet from College Park. When you review the listed courses and pass the assessment with a score of 80% or above, you will earn 2 CEU credits through ABC.

Benefits of Composite Fusion: Scout & Voyager – NEW!

This detailed new course reviews the benefits of composite fusion – learn how College Park has combined the clinical benefits of both carbon fiber and Intelliweave® to blend the best of both worlds with the Scout and Voyager feet. In addition, it covers the additional benefits found when combining these technologies in connection to both feet and provides an in-depth review of both materials. When you review the listed courses and pass the assessment with a score of 80% or above, you will earn 2 CEU credits through ABC.


This webinar explores prosthetic knee innovation, focusing on the features and functions of College Park’s new Capital hydraulic knee. Clinical Education and Technical Service Manager, Jonathan Cook, CPO explains the benefits and challenges of different knee designs, including single-axis and polycentric structures. Participants learn about cylinder and rotary hydraulic control of movement. This course will help clinicians and patients grow and find successful results with products like the Capital knee. When you view the webinar and pass the assessment with a score of 80% or above, you will earn 1.25 CEU credits.

Prosthetic Knee Biomechanics from College Park

This course offers a review of the concepts of different prosthetic knee designs including single axis vs polycentric structure. Review of control mechanisms in both stance and swing phases of gait. Design concept process for prosthetic knee development at College Park. The learner will review concepts in mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic prosthetic knee designs. Design criteria and product development will be discussed. The learner will gain a better understanding of the proper patient selection for each product type. Specific design features of each College Park knee will be discussed as well as adjustments to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Tri-Axial Foot Design and Benefits of Prep Prosthetics

This dynamic new course reviews the design history, theory, and human gait characteristics of tri-axial feet like the Trustep and Venture. In addition, it covers the benefits of fitting preparatory prostheses and clears up industry misconceptions. Learners will explore the transition from K2 prep to K3 definitive fittings, as well as topics like Medicare LCD & Policy information. When you review the listed courses and pass the assessment with a score of 80% or above, you will earn 2 CEU credits.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

This course offers a review of upper limb anatomy and terminology, myoelectric basics, and inputs and output options. Also included are upper limb options for several unique amputation levels including the Axis shoulder joint for shoulder disarticulation and M-fingers for partial hand amputations. This will include the new Titan Flex and Hold-It. An overview of only hydraulic myoelectric hand, MyHand, will be offered as well.

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