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General Class Offerings

Welcome to the Espire Elbow

This course focuses on introducing the Espire Elbow content through the historical timeline, prosthetic and anatomical terms, and myoelectric basics. Each model of the Espire Elbow is also described and compared against other models.

Espire Elbow Features and Functions

This course provides detailed information on the Espire Elbow’s technical features and specifications. The functionality behind TruSignal™ technology and the fabrication process are described in detail through images and video. The last section presents common patient questions with answers from an expert, specifically focusing on the Espire Elbow.

Espire Elbow Hub App Overview

This course provides an overview of each step to using the Espire Hub application for the iPad. By navigating through each screen, the learner develops knowledge on available menus, options and thresholds. The course provides step-by-step guidance through the following app screens: Home, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Switching, System Settings, System Alterations and Advanced Myo Control.

Guardian Knee and Victor Knee

This course features, functions adjustments and foot selection for both the Guardian Knee and Victor Knee. The first section focuses on the Guardian Knee’s manual lock, competitors and adjustments. The second section focuses on the appropriate patient, key features and adjustments specific to the Victor Knee.

Hy5 – Who, What, How and Why

This course opens with a video featuring a mechanical design engineer from Hy5 describing and demonstrating the functionality and features of the product. Following the overview, the course moves to the vision of the product and the functionality from the user’s perspective. The course concludes with the product’s key highlights and service information.

CEU CUrriculum Offerings

Upper Extremity Prosthetics and the Espire Elbow System

This course will review upper extremity prosthetic terminology, anatomy, and myoelectric basics. In addition to a general overview, the specifics of the Espire elbow system will be discussed. This will include myoelectric and body-powered configurations and control strategies for an above the elbow prosthetic wearer. The course will also review the differences between Espire models, and which is best suited for a specific patient based on patient product requirements. The last section focuses on the Espire Hub application, including programming basics through the Hub app and a walk-through of reconfiguring an elbow through Bluetooth connection.

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