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Capital Knee Troubleshooting

Although easy to use and setup, the Capital hydraulic knee works slightly different than other hydraulic knees on the market. Please refer to the below resources if you are having issue(s) with the knee. We also invite you to give our Customer Service team a call for any issues at 1-800-728-7950 or email at [email protected].

Video: Capital Knee Setup and Adjustments

Reference: Capital Knee Alignment Card

Knee Alignment Card 1
Knee Alignment Card 2

Issue: Capital Knee is not flexing or extending

Does the knee present any of these issues? - Hydraulic oil leaks (visible leaks, “air” noises, loss of hydraulic function)
- Adjustment valve issues (stripped adjuster)
- Mode selector switch issues (can’t lock/unlock knee)
Yes Please call
1-800-728-7950 and we will assist you further
Check alignment - Socket too posterior relative to knee
- Foot position is too posterior relative to knee and socket
- Insufficient hip extension ROM or socket flexion
Learn more about alignment
Assess gait (insufficient toe load) - Not weight bearing through late stance
- Hip hiking habit
- Excessive dorsiflexion of foot
Learn more about how to initiate swing flexion with the Capital knee
Assess foot function - Dorsiflexion stop on foot is too soft
- Shortened keel/reduced toe lever
Assess hydraulic function - "F" resistance is too high
If this has not solved the issue,
please call 1-800-728-7950 and we will
assist you further
Alignment Diagram
Alignment Recommendation A. Determine the heel height
B. Determine the socket flexion
C. The alignment reference line bisects through OR is slightly anterior (0-5mm) to the knee center