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The Tribute delivers dependable performance in a value package with a tri-axial design and Intelliweave® composite technology. Lightweight, with a full-length toe lever and a low frequency response allows for a full range of motion and firm footing on varied terrain. The Tribute is an ideal solution for initial fittings and low to moderate impact users.
Suggested L Codes : L5979
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Specs & Downloads


*26cm, with Enviroshell.
** The listing of codes with these products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment. Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.

Impact Level Impact Level Low to Moderate
Mounting Mounting Endo (IP)
Weight Limit Weight Limit 220 lbs
Size Range Size Range 21-30 cm
Clearance Clearance 6.1 cm
Foot Weight* Foot Weight* 502 g
Warranty Warranty 2 years


Cosmetic Options

Color Options
Caucasian Caucasian
Tan Tan
Brown Brown
Shell Type:  Sandal Toe
Shell Width:  Narrow, Wide
Includes:  Foot, foot shell, CPI sock.