I am Darren

a father, firefighter, hunter, stock car racer, on the move.

Gender: Male / Amputation: BKA
Foot: Trustep / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

The College Park Trustep foot has been one of the most dependable and life like prosthetic feet that I have worn. It allows me to get through the work day with ease so that I have the energy to keep up with my daughter at night. I also participate in some hobbies that the Trustep foot has allowed me to not be held back from, like hunting, volunteer fire fighting, and stock car racing.

The versatile Trustep foot enables me to manage any terrain, whether I am hunting or firefighting. It also gives me good energy return while working on the race car at the track. It is the most easily adjustable and universal foot I have ever worn! It adapts to any environment I put it in.