I am Matt

an engineer, cancer survivor, husband, father, cyclist, driven, persistent.

Gender: Male / Amputation: Left BKA
Foot: Velocity / Shell color: Jet Black / Adaptive Foot Shell

This is my story

In 1988, Matt was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a malignant cancerous bone tumor. Because of the length of time it took to get a definitive diagnosis and progression of the disease, Matt was given 48 hours to decide if he wanted to aggressively treat with chemotherapy and radiation with a small chance of success, or amputate. At the young age of 14, Matt made the decision to amputate. After a year of preventative, debilitating chemotherapy, Matt was back at school full time and on a prosthetic leg, just happy to not be in pain any longer.

Interested in bicycling since he was a child, it wasn’t until college that Matt discovered a real passion for mountain biking. After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree, marrying and becoming the father of two children, Matt still manages to bike every day. For next adventure, he plans to bike the entire 130 miles on the Pine Creek Rail Trail in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Matt currently has two Velocity feet – one his engineering mind adapted to best accommodate his rigorous biking and one for everyday in the office and at home. After being an amputee for over 25 years, Matt knows exactly what he wants and found it in the Velocity.

The Velocity foot gives me the no-maintenance freedom I needed yet has the energy return and balance I desire. I didn’t want to lose pedal efficiency with an overly soft foot, but my knee would be in agony from lack of shock absorption. The Velocity brings it – perfectly tuned for me – smooth, minimal, balanced power and energy storage plus excellent all over shock absorption. It’s a great cycling and every day foot for me.