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I am Molly

a school teacher, morning jogger, yoga enthusiast, rock climber, on the move.

Gender: Female / Amputation: Bi-lateral BKA
Foot: Accent & Soleus / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

I have been a bi-lateral below-knee amputee since February of 2008. I walked for the first time on my prosthetic legs on July 17, 2008! Four months later, I broke my first set of feet. My prosthetist, Karl Burk, then put me on College Park feet because I am such an active person. All I can say is that I felt like I was set free the very moment I walked on them! The movement I had gave me the freedom to walk anywhere with confidence, no matter what the terrain.

I wear both the Accent and Soleus feet. The adjustable heel in my Accent feet allow me to wear just about any heeled dress shoe I'd like. As a woman, this allows me to feel "pretty" again. I can wear heels with a dress again and feel more feminine with a completed look! Learning to adjust the heel for a different heel height is very easy to do. As a patient liaison for a prosthetic company, I have brought new female patients to happy tears when they see me wearing high heels.

For when I want to be really active, I turn to my Soleus feet. They truly are energy storing. I can wear them all day and not get as tired as I did on other prosthetic feet. They make me bouncy and "light" on my feet and mimic a real ankle very well. I can even jog in these feet-what an amazing feeling! I feel safer knowing I can jog if ever I'm put in a dangerous situation where I might need to move fast. I also love all the colors and tattoos one can choose to personalize their foot/feet-just fun!

It's not unusual for me to wear my legs with the Accent feet to work and then come home and put on my legs with my Soleus feet. This combination works out perfectly for my life. I can do just about anything I want to in my College Park prosthetic feet!