I am Ian

a professional wildlife photographer, gardener, snake charmer, just keeps going and going.

Gender: Male / Amputation: BKA
Foot: Trustep / Shell color: Black

This is my story

My amputation, with reflection, has not caused me as many issues as I originally thought. As long as I have my prosthetic on I get around extremely well, probably just a little slower than before.

My first prosthetic foot was standard issue NHS in England. Because of my age I assume they thought all I required was the basics. However this changed very quickly as I kept falling over forwards due to no toe support and and without the forward kick of a better quality foot I found I was dragging my prosthesis behind me.

The internet was my saviour and I quickly found the College Park Trustep. I watched the video of the foot in use and saw how well it coped with uneven ground and how well it kicked forwards. Once I explained to the hospital my needs as an on the go photographer and my very positive impression with the Trustep, they went ahead and agreed to supply me with one. From that point forward I never looked back. I could once again walk at my usual speed with total confidence. I could get back into the woods and the countryside to carry on with my wildlife photography. In my studio I could rush around without hindrance. Driving my car was as usual. Life was back to normal! In fact many people have said that my gait is so good they would never have realised that I was an amputee.

One further point, I do handle and photograph a lot of wild snakes. The Trustep foot has been struck at several times and has proven to be totally snake bite proof.

In my experience it is rare to come across a product that is so important to me and is of such good quality. My personal use puts massive pressure on my Trustep foot. I am on it for 18 plus hours every day, on soft sand, rocks, scrub land and hard tiled floors. I climb trees, walk through thick long grass. The foot works and has to this date never let me down.