I am Lanny

retired teacher, athlete, business owner, gymnastics coach, energetic golfer, celebrating life.

Gender: Male / Amputation: BKA
Foot: Soleus / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

Six weeks before his 22nd birthday, Lanny was involved in a terrible car accident that left him with broken hips, a dislocated pelvis and a below knee amputation on his right side. Almost four decades later, Lanny expresses nothing but gratitude for his life and the doctors that saved him. He credits the accident and amputation for making him the man he is today. Lanny was a collegiate All-American gymnast during his senior year of college at Eastern Michigan University and was inducted into EMU’s Hall of Fame in 1997. After teaching high school for thirty years, Lanny finally fulfilled his dream of opening his own gymnasium and spends his days running a successful business and coaching future generations of gymnasts.

My mom always told me growing up ‘No whining, play the cards you’re dealt.’ I never let my amputation hold me back or get me down. In 1999, I received my first College Park foot and a vacuum socket which allowed me to tumble again. Recently, I got on the Soleus foot and I actually forget I’m wearing a prosthetic for the first time since the accident, it’s so comfortable. I no longer have the heel fatigue from my pelvic tilt and my golf game has improved considerably! For me, every day is a celebration.