I am Jen

a world traveler, peer mentor, home chef, motivational speaker, nature lover, music & art enthusiast, getting my life back.

Gender: Female / Amputation: BKA
Foot: Accent / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

During her Junior year of college in 2001, Jen lost control while riding a minibike, crushing her ankle, leg, foot and big toe. In the decade after the accident, she had 21 surgeries and stubborn, excruciating staph infections. Jen was emotionally and physically exhausted. Her leg was worse than useless - it was destroying her life. After years of debilitating, chronic pain and severe depression, Jen was determined to find another way. She discovered inspiring stories online of active, positive amputees and learned of the technology available. After much thought, she went in for the amputation surgery almost exactly 10 years to the day after the accident. Today, Jen lives a full and inspiring life. She wears a College Park Soleus foot for activities like bike riding, golfing, and hiking and an Accent foot anytime she wants to be fashionable and wear heels.

Since my accident, I’ve only been able to wear sneakers or flats. I’d have half a row to choose from in a shoe store and it was one more thing that reminded me of my disability. Boots are so popular and in style, and I was sad I had to settle. I never want to be held back by my disability, least of all not by SHOES! The Accent gives me that freedom back and having a shoe choice makes me feel feminine and confident. I love dressing up and I own it when I walk into a room now!