I am Buddy

a pro skateboarder, motocross racer, snowboarder, amputee advocate, pushing my limits.

Gender: Male / Amputation: AKA
Foot: Trustep, Venture / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

In 1992 I was told I had Buergers Disease. Being an athlete most of my life, I didn't believe the doctors and continued smoking. Eight years later, five toes and a lot of pain, I went back in. The doctor told me both feet had to be amputated. My world stopped that day. During the two weeks I had the amputation and a femoral bypass surgery (to save the right foot) done. I was so scared. After a few months I started getting active and well lets just say one of your competitors feet that I was using kept denting the shock on it. I had it replaced and I wrapped the new shock, tried not to hurt it, nothing worked. I went though another shock, then a whole new foot. All of them broke within no time at all.

I met Garry Moore with Amped Riders and he told me to try CPI. Reluctantly (because, I don't like change and I kind of liked the whole shock deal) I went for it. Garry help me get my first CPI foot which was the Trustep. Now, with me still not sure about this foot change, I tried it on my snowboard first for I was most comfortable on the snow at this time. It was like night and day, black and white. The foot absorbed the terrain. I was used to the other foot bouncing, plus my landings and jumps changed, I was sticking them instead of being bounced all over. I was SOLD! Even still, I continued to use the other foot on my skating and motocross, till the first Extremity Games.

A few months before the games, I decided to try the Venture. This was because that new shock was broke again. CPI heard about this and immediately sent the new foot. Guys, this was before July 2006, I have since then only rebuilt the Venture twice and my Trustep once. That's right... I'm not joking. I broke everything, and have yet to break one of these. I have heard of it, but never seen it.

I honestly feel from my heart, that without CPI, I could NOT perform my sports. This company gave me the ability to compete and WIN. When I was wearing the other feet, I didn't have the same confidence nor ability to push my self as hard as I wanted because when I did, the other foot would break.

Thank you CPI for all you do. To allow people like me to push our limits beyond what we have been told we will ever be able to DO AGAIN!