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I am Joe

a business leader, father of triplets, devoted husband, marketing professional, sports enthusiast, non-profit board member, a success story.

Gender: Male / Amputation: BKA
Foot: OdysseyK3 / Shell color: Caucasian

This is my story

Joe was a successful marketing executive and active with sports, professional organizations and raising triplets when the bones in his right foot started to separate. Visits to numerous medical specialists yielded conflicting diagnoses and treatment plans. Finally, he found a doctor who understood the likely cause of the disease and what was needed, including a six hour surgery to reconstruct his right foot. Everything went well for the next year until he contracted an infection that moved into the metal screws now holding his foot together. Joe fought for several years to keep his foot and ankle, until the continued deterioration of the bones resulted in a BK amputation. Joe has stayed focused and dedicated to his rehabilitation and is now rediscovering a new level of physical activity and mobility he has not enjoyed in over a decade.

I was committed to achieve the maximum level of comfort and activity possible with my decision to move forward with the surgery. I researched various types and manufacturers of prosthetics together with my prosthetist, and we felt that College Park offered the products that would best meet my needs. The OdysseyK3 gave me a level of comfort and range of motion I had not experienced in a dozen years. It feels so natural. From participating in high power business meetings to renewing a love of racquetball, the Odyssey K3 lets me do it all.