Published January 1, 1970

Espire Elbow: Patient Success

Published September 3, 2019

Learn about Rick Blink's success with College Park's Espire Elbow Pro. Product Engineer, Justine Nestorowich, outlines the importance of pat ...

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Espire Elbow: Common Patient Questions & Answers

Published August 6, 2019

Mike Amrich, CPO, FAAOP answers some common patient questions associated with College Park's Espire Elbow. For more information on the Espir ...

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Espire Elbow Hub App Overview

Published June 19, 2019

This video is a quick overview of all the features and functions of the Espire Hub app for use with College Park's Espire Elbow. The Espire ...

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Research Spotlight: Pointdexter

Published July 29, 2019

Research Highlight: The Pointdexter Dr. Todd Farrell, Carlos Martinez Luna, and the rest of our research team at Liberating Technologies, I ...

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Espire Elbow Fabrication Instructions

Published March 21, 2019

This video details steps to fabricate a socket and installing TruSignal electrodes for the College Park Espire Elbow system.

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College Park Espire Elbow: Engineering

Published February 11, 2019

Get an inside look into how College Park's engineering team created the powerful and comfortable Espire Elbow. Welcome to a new era of motio ...

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Soleus Testimonial: Chris

Published October 15, 2018

Meet Chris Bruha, bilateral below-knee amputee. Chris wears College Park Soleus feet after undergoing osseointegration. He loves spending ti ...

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Prosthe-tips: Increasing dorsiflexion in the OdysseyK2

Published July 16, 2018

Learn how to achieve more dorsiflexion in the OdysseyK2 with College Park’s Education and Technical Service Manager, Jon Cook, CPO. This v ...

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