Grown up function for kids

The rugged Truper foot combines high energy with stability for active kids. The foot’s flexible foreheel and bumpers store energy for a smooth, controlled transition from standing to running. Made to easily adjust for growing children, the Truper offers two size ranges that provide flexibility through adolescence.

Truper Teddy is a limb-different bear that comes free with every College Park Truper foot. Teddy comes with an activity book and sticker sheet. Learn more at USA orders only.
Suggested L Codes : L5979
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Specs & Downloads


Impact Level Impact Level High
Mounting Mounting Endo (IP) / Exo(ALX)
Weight Limit Weight Limit 100 lbs (16-18 cm)
132 lbs (19-21 cm)
Size Range Size Range 16-21 cm
Clearance Clearance 2.1"-2.4" (5.3-6.1 cm) (IP)
4.3"-4.6" (11.0-11.8 cm) (ALX)
Weight Weight 215-314 g
Warranty Warranty 1 year


Cosmetic Options

Color Options
Caucasian Caucasian
Tan Tan
Brown Brown
Shell Type:  Sandal Toe
Shell Width:  Standard
Includes:  Foot, foot shell, CPI sock, optional sealing boot (Exo Block sold separately).