Espire Elbow Transition FAQs

As of June 1, 2020Steeper Group acquired the Espire Elbow system. Don’t worry, College Park is still here to help. We are working to ensure a smooth transition and provide our customers with friendly support along the way.



How do I order an Espire Elbow now?
College Park will continue handling all orders, returns, and production for the Espire Elbow through the transition period. Once College Park, Steeper, and the FTC feel that we are ready to complete the transition, Steeper will handle all future orders, services, and returns.
How long will the transition period be?
We are aiming for a six month transition period, but if our internal goals for a seamless transition are not met, that period will be extended.
Where will I send returns?
You can initiate returns through College Park’s customer service team until further notice. There are no current changes for the customer.
Will my patient’s warranty be affected by this change?
This acquisition will not affect any active warranty out in the field. College Park will be providing Steeper with all the existing warranties and extended warranties, so there will be no complications for the customer or patient to have the Espire product serviced within the warranty period.
What if I have a current Espire quote in the system and didn’t get insurance approval before the acquisition?
If you have an active or future quote waiting on insurance approval after the transition, College Park will make sure to provide all remaining quotes to the Steeper team. We will ensure that our customers do not notice a change in service and with that, we will provide the full details of your quote to Steeper to not disrupt insurance approval.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team via online chat below, [email protected], or call 800-728-7950. Thank you!