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Michael Amrich, CPO FAAOP is College Park’s Clinical Education Specialist who travels the world providing prosthetic care and sharing his knowledge. He is highly skilled at designing, fabricating, and fitting prostheses for amputees of all ages and amputation levels. With a focus in upper limb prosthetics, research, and education, he has played an integral role in the success of College Park’s expansion into the upper limb market. Mike earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He also attended UCLA and NYU for his certificates in Prosthetics and went onto Northwestern University for his certificate in Orthotics. We appreciate his positivity, expertise, and enthusiasm on our team!


“I truly love this environment and culture. I appreciate the blend of research, education, clinical care, and customer/patient support both domestically and internationally. As difficult as it was to leave a 30+ year successful patient care practice, I felt in many ways like I was coming back home.”

Prosthetics Around the World

It’s 4 a.m. in Beirut, Lebanon. I lay in bed wracking my brain to find a solution for my patient. As a prosthetist from the United States, I’m visiting a rehabilitation center to teach and assist an enthusiastic, local team of technici...

A New Era in Motion

My career as a prosthetist encompasses a mere sliver of time in the evolution of prosthetics. However, it is the last few decades that have seen pioneering, influential advances for individuals with limb loss and limb differences. In upper-limb pr...

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