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AXIS® Shoulder Joint - Exo

AXIS® Shoulder Joint - Exo
Formerly the LTI Locking Shoulder Joint, the new AXIS® has been re-engineered by College Park. With a friction hinge, the patented shoulder joint is operated with simple switches that simplifies harnessing by eliminating the need for gross body movements. The AXIS is able to be integrated with all upper limb control systems with a special channel to conceal and protect power cables. Unlike any product on the market, the AXIS provides better task control, a natural range of motion, and ease of use for the patient’s daily life.
Part Number: SJ90 BK
Specs & Downloads


Swing Swing 240°
Locking Positions Locking Positions 25
Abduction Abduction 180°
Weight Limit Weight Limit 50 lbs
Mounting Mounting Exo
Weight Weight 290 g
Warranty Warranty 2 years