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College Park’s Enviroshells utilize a custom foam polymer blend, are antimicrobial and infused with
a UV inhibitor for ultimate durability against any environment.

Our beautiful, seamless shells mimic an anatomical foot and are available in four colors; Caucasian, Tan, Brown and Jet Black. They accommodate a broad range of sizes and widths with Narrow, Wide
and Sandal-toe options.* 
*Not all options are provided on all feet. Please refer to the individual product pages for availability.





The College Park Shelltread increases durability for the highest impact patient and allows anyone to walk barefoot safely. The Shelltread is made from abrasion resistant styrene-butadiene rubber with a cross hatch design for enhanced non-skid. It is available for every size and type of College Park Enviroshell.


Cosmetic Attachment Plates (CAP)

The College Park CAP system is an interface that snaps into the top of the foot shell to allow easy gluing to a cosmetic cover. This provides quick access to the foot mechanics without having to interrupt any glued surface, while still providing a solid lock into the foot shell.



Trusox™ Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks can help improve circulation and aid in the prevention of infections, while also providing increased foot comfort. Our custom Trusox are made from an advanced fabric blend to ensure superior performance, breathability and comfort. They feature a cushioned sole, unrestrictive band and minimized abrasion.

Included with each foot order and sold separately, the Trusox are not only a comfortable option, but also help protect and extend the life of the foot shell.


Skinergy Plus™ by SteeperUSA

Enhanced toughness and improved realism make Skinergy Plus the most impressive leg cover yet. Manufactured using the latest innovation in silicone polymer technology, Skinergy Plus provides an extremely high level of cosmesis for the below knee user. Each leg cover comfortably stretches to fit different foot sizes and variations in foot types, plus provides a unique seamless finish. With significantly improved tear resistance and extra durability, Skinergy Plus is perfect for patients who lead outdoor and demanding lifestyles.