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College Park announces the release of their revolutionary K2 Breeze™ prosthetic foot.


Traditionally, feet in this category are uninspired, but the Breeze utilizes high-end technology and comes with a variety of features making it stand out from the crowd. It is hand-built with College Park’s proprietary Intelliweave™ composite material, unlike the foam and wood design a typical foot would have in the same category. The Breeze is designed to be a stockable option for the international market, as well as a cost effective K2 foot in the United States or secondary foot for showering. The water friendly system has an optional water drain port, corrosion-resistant materials and special modifications to clear water from the entire prosthetic system. The Enviroshell™ is infused with a UV inhibitor and pure silver for proven antimicrobial properties, plus built with a special toe-rollover assist. The foot comes with an integrated pyramid, aiding in weight and cost savings, and giving a lower profile. The Breeze foot brings a maximum solution for a minimum cost. Learn more at

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