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Don’t forget that directly following the London Olympics comes the Paralympics. Leading up to the competitions these amazing athletes will not only have pushed the limits of training and diet, but also reaped the benefits from cutting edge technology, helping them excel to Paralympic medalist.

Japanese Paralympian Maya Nakanishi will use the Soleus in track & field.

Japanese Paralympian Maya Nakanishi will participate in track & field.

Technology in the prosthetics industry is advancing rapidly, from advancements in materials to electro-mechanical components. It's no wonder Paralympians are some of the first adopters and hardest testers of these prosthetics devices

Ariel Schwartz, Senior Editor at FastCompany's Co.Exist, wrote a feature on how these advancements have made a different in the product developed at College Park Industries.

...Scott Sulprizio did something that would eventually change the lives of other amputees: He designed a new kind of prosthetic foot—one that is going to be used by multiple athletes in this year’s Paralympic Games.

You can read the complete article at: Co.EXIST: The Prosthetic Foot That’s Helping Paralympic Athletes To Compete.


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